Art by Fred Harper



I grew up in Erie, PA. Art was never considered a real occupation there. Apparently being more stubborn than I realized, I went on to receive a scholarship from Columbus College of Art and Design, graduating with a BFA in painting. During college, I worked as an amusement park caricature artist- traumatizing mid-westerners for five dollars a drawing. I am probably still cursed to this day by the ones that had braces!

During my last year at CCAD, Modeworks, a NYC mural company, was doing a job in Columbus, OH. I was so good at fetching coffee for the boss. When I arrived unannounced on their doorstep in New York City, they immediately gave me a job. This is when I really learned to paint. I worked alongside artists from China, Russia, Poland, France, and New York. I was the Ohio representative. 

I did my best to avoid the conventional cubical and retail jobs by taking anything on that involved drawing or painting. I picked up freelance work illustrating comic books for Marvel and DC. I wanted to do more painting than comic books permitted, so, inspired by artistic desire and the crashing comics market, I began doing editorial illustrations for places like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and Playboy. Freelance work allowed me to paint more than ever.

Some cool projects I’ve worked on have been Art Fusion with the world famous tattoo artist, Paul Booth. It is a paint jam with usually three or more artists that try to work simultaneously on one large canvas in an attempt to create a painting that looks like the work of one person. Artists come from many back grounds so the end results tend to look like a new mystery person that never existed. 

I was involved with the Joe Bonham Project along with other great illustrators like the late Jeff Fisher, Victor Juhasz, Michael D. Fay, and others.

Herme’s window display for their flagship store in New York City and Chicago, more than a few times. 

A sixty foot long mural for the Manhattan Classic Car Club in one of their display garages.

Also, the key art for Ozz Fest ’05 and ’06, concept sketches for Mudvyne, Megadeath, Bucket Head, and some smaller projects only a select few would know about. If you want to be on my client list too, that can be arranged!

Art by Fred Harper


A One Of A Kind Work Of Fred Harper Art

All the art on the site is available for purchase on request. Prices range from $500 and up for originals, and prints are available as well.


Art By Fred Harper


Mars Attacks Topps Cards​

Art By Fred Harper